After sifting through all the spin machines and what not, we have easily concluded that TRUMP won the first debate. This is according polls from viewers and readers.

Oh yeah, there are several PUNDITS who say otherwise, but haven’t we learned not to listened to the biased media and pundits. Didn’t the polls have Hillary winning the Michigan Primary by an AVERGE of 25 points? Yet Bernie came away with the victory – I rest my case.

So who thought that Trump won?  Check out these online polls

Time Magazine Poll    – Trump 53% Poll  – Trump 56%

WashingtonTimes – They claimed that readers favored Trump 67%

CNBC Poll – even the king of libs site readers has Trump 68%


After reviewing all these results, we are left with one question. When will the left quit lying about what’s really going on?!?

They keep spinning the truth, they keep fudging the polls, yet every time a vote takes place, they lose! They are constantly trying to silence the silent majority. The only problem is that it’s not working.

The major media in the UK kept trying to claim that BREXIT wasn’t going to happen. And they gave a million reasons why. Yet the populus had other plans. The same thing is going to happen here.

Do us a favor an QUIT LYING!! You only insult people by thinking we’re stupid enough to believe you.




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