Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Hillary Clinton Must Be Investigated,


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new Press Secretary, seems to think that Sessions won’t last long. “Look, I know that he is certainly frustrated and disappointed in the attorney general for recusing himself,” Sanders told “Fox & Friends.” While she didn’t commit to saying Sessions would probably be fired for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, Sanders didn’t make Sessions’ future look too promising either.

“That frustration certainly hasn’t gone away and, you know, I don’t think it will,” Sanders said. “But given the fact that the president is being attacked unnecessarily and, certainly, for no reason on something he and, I think, most of America feel is a complete hoax and that the media has gotten so spun up on Russia fever, we’re looking to move on.”

And if Sessions wants to keep his job he must open an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Something that has already been investigated and closed.

“I don’t think the president has ever sent mixed messages on how he feels about all of the improper actions that the Clintons took and certainly were involved in over the course of the last several years,” Sanders said, “and I think he is getting hit every single day on a ridiculous witch hunt that has proved nothing. People have been investigating for over a year and have found nothing. But there’s actually some real, I think, hard facts to look at when it comes to the Clintons, and I think that’s been completely ignored. The president’s looking for a fair playing field on that front.”

The statement is as ridiculous as we’ve come to expect from a Trump surrogate. Clinton isn’t on the “field” anymore. In fact, there’s no field left. It’s closed. When it opens again, Clinton won’t even be playing. Trump isn’t looking for a fair playing field—he’s looking to distract Americans from the mounting evidence of his campaign colluding with Russia.

And it isn’t working.

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