LIBERALS have done nothing but LOSE in the Protest ERA


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Americans have always enjoyed their right to peacefully protest, but are they always effective? Not lately. Recent protests by the Liberal left have resulted in loss after loss for the Democratic party.

Let’s examine the results of the protests:

Ferguson Protests

I think most of us agree that the “Modern Protest ERA” offically began during the Ferguson Protests in 2014. Protesters used the “hands up” symbol to signify how Michael Brown raised his hands indicating a “don’t shoot” plea to police officer Darren Wilson.

LIBS LOSE – The only problem was that Obama’s own Department of Justice investigation found this to be a lie and witnesses confirmed that Brown really didn’t raise his hands and actually attacked the police officer.

2014 Mid Term Elections

The 2014 midterms served as a perfect measurement of how Americans reacted to recent protests. Before the election, the Dems controlled the Senate, and the GOPs controlled the House.

DEMS LOSE – After the election, GOPs controlled BOTH sides of congress and controlled the majority of governorships across the nation.

University of Missouri Protests

As an echo to the Ferguson protests, students from the University of Missouri protested the “alleged racism” that occured on campus. This led to a series of protests expanding into other issues like workplace benefits, etc.

LIBS LOSE – After the protests, the University of Missouri enrollment dropped 19% the following year. Aside from the a few resignations, none of their demands were met.

2015 Baltimore Riots

The 2015 Baltimore riots occured after the arrest and the ensuing death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody. Six (6) police officers were charged and arrested for this wrongful death. Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby vowed that swift justice would be brought against these police officers.

This was followed by the rioting and looting of Baltimore neighborhoods for several days.

LIBS LOSE – There was no sufficient evidence against these police officers, and all charges were subsequently dropped. The police officers are currently suing Marilyn Mosby for a variety of charges such as defamation and wrong imprisonment.

2015 Election

Yes, there was a 2015 election – it was small – but it spoke volumes about how Americans felt about the liberal protests.

DEMS LOSE – GOPs won two governorships – increasing their majority to 64% nationwide. Not only that, Ohio voters shot down the legalization of marijuana, and Houston shot down a Democratic equal rights bill.

Black Lives Matter Protests

During 2015 and especially during the 2016 election campaigns, we saw repeated ‘black lives matters’ protests. Many Americans feel that those protests resulted in several shootings of police officers during the summer of 2016.

Were the protests effective? — The 2016 election answers that question.

2016 Election

As we all know, underdog Donald Trump did the impossible by winning the Presidential election over Hillary Clinton. The silent majority spoke loud and clear on how they felt about  all the protesting from the left.

DEM LOSE – GOPs won the White House, retained control of all of congress, and the majority of governorships across the US. In fact, Dems are at their lowest point in almost a century.

Anti-Trump Protests

Unfortunately, Liberals have not learned that their protesting could be a big reason why they keep losing. After they lost the 2016 election, Liberals have protested every step of the Trump administration.

Yet they have GAINED NOTHING.

All of Trump’s cabinet picks have been confirmed – sorry, withdrawals don’t count (Obama had four withdrawals). The stock market has created over $3 TRILLION of new wealth for Americans.

Recent polls have indicated that Americans are tired of Trump protests.

DEMS LOSE – Since 2010, Dems have lost over 1000 seats nationwide. Maybe Liberals ought to accept the truth for a change.


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