Libs Claim Trump’s Attack on Judge “Unprecedented;” Look What We Found…


1As Usual – DEMS Have Done WORSE Things

In response to the federal judge who temporarily halted President Trump’s immigration ban, President Trump tweeted over the weekend that this individual “opens up our country to potential terrorists and others that do not have our best interests at heart”. If something does happen, Trump says the judge is to “blame.”

Liberals have had a field day with these tweets calling Trump’s attitude towards the judiciary unprecedented.

However, those same individuals must not have been very good history students.

While Trump criticizes a judge’s decision, one Liberal hero threatened the judiciary.

Indeed, take the beam out of your own eye!

According to PJ Media:

“Trump goes further than Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, but let’s not forget that the great hero of the American Left — Franklin Delano Roosevelt — even threatened to add judges to the Supreme Court if they didn’t do what he wanted. Strangely, you never hear liberals blast him. The opposite is even true, they positively worship the man and compare every other Democratic president to the great saint FDR.

Those who have a long history of supporting the separation of powers and the system designed by the Founding Fathers can criticize Trump for the way he talks about a judge who happens to disagree with him, but the Left most certainly cannot. These people are a bunch of hypocrites. They’re perfectly OK with executive power grabs if the president implements policies they favor. This isn’t about the separation of powers to them, but about individual policies; just look at how they defended Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional amnesty for DREAMers.”

Yes, that’s correct. Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked Congress to empower him to add an additional Supreme Court justice. “He sought to name as many as six additional Supreme Court justices,” William Leuchtenburg of Smithsonian Magazine wrote, “as well as up to 44 judges to the lower federal courts.”

Why? He had the “inescapable fear” that the United States Supreme Court would “undo” his accomplishments.

FDR knew he “could not simply assert that he wanted judges who would do his bidding. The most promising approach, it seemed, would be to capitalize on the public’s concern about the ages of the justices.”

President Donald Trump is raising question to a judicial decision–not, on the other hand, bullying and manipulating his way through Congress in an attempt to stack the judiciary deck in his favor.

If we want to talk about an abuse of the separation of powers, we should look to the Liberal hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

But, I guess since the Left liked his policy, breaching the Constitution doesn’t matter.

The issue then isn’t what Trump says about the judiciary, it’s just Trump’s policy the Left doesn’t like.

Well, I guess that’s just too bad.

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