4 Reasons Why the Liberal Version of the Tea Party will Never Succeed


1Sorry LIBS .. Won’t Work

The GOPs have had an amazing turnaround. As we look back to 2009, we saw the Democratic Party with a very tight grip on National Politics. It looked as if the Republican Party had died.

The Dems controlled all of Congress and had a filibuster proof majority in the US Senate. Not only that, they controlled the majority of state governorships across the nation, as well as most of the state legislatures.

Then Came the Flip Flop

Starting with the mid-term elections of 2010, that majority began to violently swing against the Democratic Party. Their control of National Politics began to fizzle.

With each successive election cycle, that massive control began to weaken more and more. And now today, the Democratic Party are at their lowest point in almost 100 years.

The Liberal Left’s Answer to Re-Gaining Control

So what really happened to that HUGE advantage that the Dems enjoyed in 2009? Many members of the liberal left claim they know the reason. They say that the formation of the right wing Tea Party caused everything to change.

The liberal left solution?? …. Form a left wing version of the Tea Party.

“If their grass roots movement can turn things around, then why can’t ours?” Many of them claim.

SORRY LIBS – ain’t gonna happen.

4 Reasons Why the LIBERAL Version of the “Tea Party” Will Fail

The Liberals are trying to compare apples to oranges when they assume that a Tea Party approach will redeem their party. It only demonstrates how shortsighted they are.

Reason 1 – The Tea Party benefited from a Constituent/Issue Mismatch

Before Barrack Obama took office, Howard Dean, who was DNC chairman at the time, and Rahm Emanuel, who was Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairman, had recruited several conservative congressional Democrats from long ignored Red States.

These “Blue Dog” Democrats angered their voters as they were pressured by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to rubber stamp countless pieces of liberal legislation.  The Dem House made no attempt to appease these angry Red State voters – the ensuing outrage led to the first Tea Party rally.

So when the next 2010 mid-term election came around, voters from these Red States promptly voted out these “conservative” Democrats who had abandoned issues that were important to the citizens of their states. This was the first Democratic domino to fall as they lost control of the House.

What’s interesting is that the Democrats STILL HAVEN’T LEARNED from all the damage that Nancy Pelosi has brought upon them. The fact is that the House Dems have lost four straight elections with Pelosi as their House leader. Actually, they have NEVER WON an election under Pelosi. Yet the Dems elected her for another term!!

The problem for the Liberal ‘Tea Party’ is that they don’t have this “constituent/issue mismatch” that the original Tea Party had in 2009. Worse yet for the Dems is that there are more Democratic Senate seats being challenged in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections than GOP seats. And most of these Dem Seats are in Red States. This means there will be no mid-term victory for the Dems in the Senate. In fact, they will grow weaker.

And since Nancy Pelosi is still Dem Minority Leader in the House, their prospects of winning back the House anytime soon is not very good – especially with the GOP’s having a sizable majority there.

Reason 2 – Tea Party Rallies were Peaceful

Can the Liberal left make this claim about THEIR rallies? They can if we agree that burning limos, beating up Trump supporters, and violently shutting down conservative speakers at universities is peaceful.

When the Tea Party had their first massive rally in Washington, DC , they actually PICKED UP THEIR TRASH before they left. Not a single criminal incident was reported (that I’m aware of).

What the liberal left doesn’t seem to understand is that they continue to drive away potential voters with each and every protest. When they have a women’s march – and exclude “pro-life” women – how many women voters did they just lose?

When they labeled the right as “deplorable”, how many more voters did they lose?

When they tell coal miners that they are shutting down their nasty industry, how many voting union members did they lose?

When they mock law enforcement and the military, how many millions more voters did they lose?

When rich celebrities, who did not suffer under Obama’s economy and will never have criminal illegal immigrants living in their neighborhoods, continue lecturing and talking down to grass roots American about how THEY KNOW what is best for us, and continue shoving their opinions down our throats, how many millions of voters are still being lost?

(Funny how these celebrities could not manage to swing even ONE single battleground state for Hillary in the final weeks of campaigning.)

Have they not considered just how many voters are left that they haven’t insulted?  The original Tea Party did not physically assault those with different points of view.

Reason 3 – Tea Party Members Accepted the 2008 Election Results

Although they didn’t like the 2008 election, Tea Party members accepted the results – they had no choice. The liberal left is miles away from ever accepting the fact that their beloved Hillary lost the election. And they keep fabricating reason after reason for their heartbreaking loss.

Every psychiatrist and psychologist on Earth will tell you that in order to move past a hurtful event, you MUST accept the outcome. We can never grow and learn from it until we get out of the denial phase.

The liberal cannot grow and reorganize until they ACCEPT the facts.

Reason 4 – Tea Party Didn’t Have a Tired Old Message

This is biggest advantage that the original Tea Party movement has over the liberal left movement. The Tea Party had a fresh message which hadn’t already been pushed on the public for years.

Let’s face it – Liberals have been protesting everything since Ferguson, MO. Their message has grown old. It has fallen on deaf ears. The only things these protests accomplish now is firing up the left’s base and irritating working people who live near the protests – neither of which expands their message. Americans proved on November 8, 2016 that they are tired of this broken record.

Want proof that protests from the left are not working?

  • They demanded a voter recount – Trump only gained more votes
  • They demanded that Electoral College voters go rogue – Trump gained more Electoral votes
  • They protest every Trump cabinet pick – as of this date, not a single cabinet pick has been rejected by Congress (withdrawals don’t count – Obama had FOUR withdrawals)
  • They protest Trump’s executive orders – several polls show that most Americans actually approve of these orders
  • They protest everything about Trump – yet his approval numbers continue to grow

When Will the Left Wake Up?

What’s amazing is how the liberal left got this politically weak – after being so strong. For many years, they claimed to be the most “educated” of the two parties.

If that is the case, then …

“Why is the Democratic Party at its lowest point in almost a century?  Does that sound like the work of smart people?”

Secondly, the liberal left has always claimed to be the MOST TOLERANT of the two parties.

If this is true, then …

“Why do liberals keep violently shutting down speakers at colleges that don’t share your points of view? Does this sound like the acts of tolerant people?

So when will the liberal left ever wake up. My response is “God only knows!”

This statement pretty much guarantees that most liberals will never know – because many of them don’t even believe in God.

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