BREAKING: Witness Agrees To Testify Against Hillary Clinton – SHE IS DONE!!


Hillary Clinton’s notorious web of lies is untangling the truth, at last, and weaving her in. To our pleasure, President Trump has made Clintons’ crimes the center of his attention, having the Senate look into the illegal bond between Clinton and the anti-American company, Fusion GPS.

You may remember this firm as the one responsible for the fraudulent Trump dossier. Also they are closely connected to the Russian lawyer who had a meeting with Donald Jr. Now, the person in charge of Fusion GPS has agreed to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, exposing each and every crime ever committed!

This pointless Russia probe has stolen so much time from us. The citizens of America can no longer put up with his charade since they know for sure that Trump has not colluded with the Russian government, not even close. Nevertheless, the probe into Trump has served to emphasize the real acts of crime of the Clintons!

The traces lead back to Fusion GPS. The “opposition research” firm, located in Washington, has been on the Democrat payroll for years and years. Do you recall the ridiculous dossier? It accused Trump of urinating on a bed, in a Russian hotel, knowing that Obama had slept in it, while being surrounded by prostitutes.

This exact story is to blame for the credibility BuzzFeed lost, which was made up by Fusion GPS. The project was originally paid for by anti-Trump RINOs and later taken over by the DNC.

Intriguingly, the “source” of the dossier was Christopher Steele, an ex-MI6 agent–still Democrats never made accusations of a“British collusion.” Don’t you just love how those Leftist double standards work?

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