Republicans Across The Nation Fight Back Against Hollywood Libs, Launching Academy Awards Boycott


1Take That, Hollywood

Ever since President Trump first hit the campaign trail, liberal Hollywood has been determined to interfere with politics. At almost every turn, celebrities have used their moments in the spotlight to disrespect our nation’s president.The most notorious of these was Meryl Streep’s speech at the 2017 Golden Globes. Streep shocked the nation when she used her lifetime achievement award as an opportunity to attack then President-elect Donald Trump. In her 6-minute speech, Streep claimed Trump was deplorable for mocking a disabled reporter.

Of course, both Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump have proven this mockery was taken entirely out of context. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Trump said he was not surprised by the backlash from the “liberal movie people.”

“I was never mocking anyone,” Trump told reporters. “People keep saying that I intended to mock the reporter’s disability, as if Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, and I did no such thing.”

Americans are so frustrated with acts like this, they have called for a boycott of the Academy Awards.

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