Calls To Boycott Wegmans Backfire As Stores Sell Out Of Trump Wine


1Another TRUMP WIN

File this one under “boycotts that weren’t”: after calls to boycott the grocery store Wegmans because they sell wines from Trump Winery, the locations that actually sold the wine…sold out of it completely.

“As of late yesterday, we had sold out many varieties in our (Virginia) stores, and in some cases, all varieties,” Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans, told the Democrat & Chronicle Friday. “For example, our two Richmond stores had completely sold out. Other stores had inventory of some varieties.”

A liquor store owner in Henrietta, N.Y., told the newspaper that he was also seeing increased demand: “Some people, sight-unseen, would just buy bottles of it.”

Trump Winery is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is run by Eric Trump. Its wines have received several awards.

Good on Wegmans for not bowing to pressure like other retailers. Wegmans is still listed on the “Grab Your Wallet” boycott list, but clearly customers care more about the retailer than a single line of products sold at the location.



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